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Soulful Business Beta Test Group

tap into the cyclical nature of yourself for a more abundant and fulfilling business.


It's Time We Do Business Differently. 

No more constant hustle. No more struggle to gain clarity or truth. No more comparing ourselves to others. No more staying stagnant in our limiting beliefs. 


As women entrepreneurs we are under constant pressure to make it work (to make it work YESTERDAY). We are constantly under pressure because we know that what we are currently doing for work is not alligned with what we truly desire. Whether it's the actual work or the way in which we work, we are always on the go and addicting to DOING. 


There is a different way - a way that feels lighter, more connected and truly alligned with how we visualize our perfect day. 


But How??? How do you build a thriving business while you honor yourself, your priorities, your soul's purpose and your precious family?? Time slips by fast and building a business can take years away from your life - but does it have to? 


I say no. I say you can create and build a business that honors your life first - that allows you to have the time and schedule you most desire. In order to create that kind of business - we must start with the foundation. That foundation includes trust, intuition, daily rituals, understanding the phases on our cycles, mindfulness, awareness, letting go of beliefs no longer serving you and of course creating a vision and strategy that supports what you want to create! 


You can and will still work hard on your business, but do it within limits, within boundaries that work for you! 




BETA TEST GROUP Dates: March 19th - April 27th

**this e-course is in Beta which means you will be one of the first students to go through it. Because of that, you will get it at 50% off (it will launch this Fall at $197 price point) AND get more intimate support from Sarah as you work through the content in the group. Tons of community, support and accountability to make massive shifts in how you currently do business, because whatever you are doing now isn't working. 


6 Weeks Live Content Release with a weekly open coaching call with Sarah speaking directly about that weeks content. 

  • WEEK 1: Your Energy, Your Vibe, Your Beliefs
  • WEEK 2: Business Rituals: Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • WEEK 3: We Are Cyclical, Not Linear: Tapping into our Cyclical Nature presented by Yadi Alba, Energetic Healer & Medicine Woman. 
  • WEEK 4: Business Sustainability: Boundaries, Aligned Action & Strategy
  • WEEK 5: Money Mindset & Business Decisions 
  • WEEK 6: Your Life's Work



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